Building piers and moorings

Building piers and moorings


Building moorings. A the initial stage, should include designing not only presence of ready mooring places for the purpose of creation of conveniences, but also possibility of the additional equipment of a mooring places in case of need.


Essential differences of piers and moorings does not exist. However there are some moments which are applicable exclusively to piers. So, unlike a mooring, it can be located not along coast, and with crossing of a plane of water under a right angle, coming to several hundred meters afar from a land. It allows to make the mooring not only small-size, but also cargo ships from both parties of a construction. Piers can have primitive enough form, in the form of an arrangement of one (direct) line. Also they can be a difficult structure, forming themselves two or three perpendicular branches or lines parallel each other.


  • Fixed by special support. They are selected in an individual order, proceeding from depth of a basin and ground type. Support can be metal or concrete. Thus, the metal structure is filled in with hydrotechnical concrete;
  • Floating. Such structures float on water though are fixed by special pontoons. They can have any appearance, the size and forms. The main feature is availability, simplicity in use and installation, beautiful appearance, durability, and also ecological safety.


Depending on appointment, moorings share on some types:

  • Building of stationary moorings, they coastal piers;
  • Building of pontoon moorings;
  • Building of cargo moorings;
  • Building of repair moorings.

During mooring building important at the initial stage to be defined with a choice of support and a flooring. The first can be made on iron and wooden piles. The main indicator of durability is ability of such construction to sustain the big force of pressure made by ice during the winter period.

More reliably piers made on bulk technology also are more durable. Unlike other, on them weather conditions, such as pressure of ice, a storm, a wind and so on do not influence. As a rule, a flooring choose the wood steady against a moisture, rotting and other destructions. Besides it, it perfectly keeps coupling even at soaking.


  • Pontoons. This technology represents a structure fixed on a surface of water. Its other name is a flowing mooring. Its installation is spent on those sites of a basin which often are exposed to flooding (water level change), however covered from wind impulses. Pontoons from polyethylene are rather convenient at installation, are convenient in use and are durable. They perfectly do for the site of water which is not giving in to flow of waves and a fast current. Building of a mooring for small-sizes courts from ferroconcrete materials with filler. Such structures do for manufacturing of floating moorings of yacht-clubs. Pontoons are widely known. However it is necessary to remember, that floating constructions are on the verge of risk of change of buoyancy not to the best. Though the risk also is insignificant, the mooring should be anchored with special carefulness.
  • Pile constructions. The given technology means adhearance to "special" rules, the main thing from which is the preliminary analysis of a ground and a preparatory work. Building of piers on screw piles rather widespread way which has replaced with self stuffed piles which are used at building of moorings on pontoon technology. Such structures (executed of metal) have fine property to rise and fall if necessary. It allows them to be used widely in places with a changeable water level. One of the most simple ways of its building is the installation by the use of ice hole in a winter season. Distinctive feature of screw piles that if necessary they can be dismantled with the same ease, as are established. If during installation of screw piles it will be found out, that the ground is insufficiently firm or on the contrary, has sites covered with a stone it is recommended to use the concrete basis.

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