We build bridges

We build bridges


Bridges always were and remain places of special responsibility. We understand that the life of people and infrastructure work depend on their quality, safety and reliability. There are areas, for example, which can be found completely cut off from a civilisation when the ferry is going out of service.


There are essentially different 3 situations of building of bridges on district:

  • Building of the new bridge at development of territory and region development;
  • Full or partial repair of the broken bridge;
  • Construction of a provisional bridge for the short-term passing of people and vehicles.

Last variant frequently works in parallel with the first or the second. LLC «Perfect Pluss» guarantees stability of constructions and their reliable work even in the most extreme conditions.


At building of bridges our company LLC «Perfect Pluss» considers also variety of features that allows to carry out successfully orders on all over the country. The basic features: ice loading, level of high water, speed of a watercourse etc.

In connection with change of depth, the bridge foundation and other factors, in practice visually integral crossing construction can consist of sections different which are connected together. It does not affect in any way the quality and safety as our company uses constructions with the unified fastening and a universal road bed.


These are traditional technologies, frequently with use of local materials that provides the maximum efficiency, high reliability and simplicity of repair and service. Special impregnations, connection clips on the ends of logs, steel points of piles and inset details in joints have sharply increased service life, and have reduced expenses for works. In modern system bridge engineering the wooden sections and manufacturing blocks are everywhere used. They are easy and compact at transportation, quickly incorporated in system, thanks to the thought over fastening and are steady against seismic and other dynamic loadings, thanks to flexibility of each element and all bridge as a whole.

ledoreziBUILDING OF BRIDGES FROM fabricated metal structures

Many experts consider that trusses and cellular metal beams for bridges have a great future ahead of them. They it is easier monolithic, are simple in transportation and installation, and also it is better than others resist to pressure of a wind and dynamic loadings of transport.

Our company LCC «Perfect Pluss» is engaged many years in calculation and designing as typical section constructions of the specified type, and creation on their basis of individual projects. Engineers and architects of the company are capable to give out in deadlines the ready documentation under the most exotic conditions with observance of all norms and requirements. Also the firm can inspect the available bridge, to draw the competent conclusion about a condition and to give recommendations about strengthening, repair and modernization, and also to perform all necessary works.


Our firm has an operational experience with any volumes, as monolithic bridges where the special control from an apportion is necessary, binding and pouring of armature by concrete before compliance with the agreed dates and conditions of hardening, and the modular prefabricated components preliminary made industrially with high degree of industrialization of manufacture.

As separate class here constitute composite structures of bridges which have incorporated advantages, metal and modern high-strength concrete. The falsework used by us, gives ideal smoothness and geometrical correctness of planes that liquidates risk of occurrence of points of concentration of pressure.


Such crossing structures are a striking example of introduction of army technologies during a peace life. They are simple, unpretentious in storage and operation, provide the maximum speed of construction and dismantle. Also they guarantee the uninterrupted admission of any vehicles as have initially been calculated on the heavy military vehicles.

MRDB, or the middle road dismountable bridge, allows to guide quickly a crossing of any extent with the maximum length of a bridge span 32,6 m, width 4,2 m or 7,2 m and load-carrying capacity accordingly 40 t or 60 t. The special team is engaged in transportation and installation, operating with means available in the complete set and the equipment.

BRDB, or the big road dismountable bridge, can pass on itself transport to 60 т, gives possibility to block one span to 53,3 m at total length in 106 m that is especially important on water barriers with the big depth in the channel centre.

HMB-3, or the heavy mechanized bridge, is the most mobile means of crossing structures of any length in a company store. It is mounted on the basis of the special automobile, which itself results span into position from the condition folded double and stacks by means of special capture. The team of assemblers is put into operation only at section statement on an axis and checks already laid sections. Load-carrying capacity of such bridge 40 т length of a bridge span has 10,2 m.


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