Reconstruction of sluices in addition

Reconstruction of sluices in addition


LLC «Perfect Pluss» spends interlocking and pile works with application of the advanced technologies

Interlocking works are one of the most demanded the technician in the building, preventing flooding of the base or its gradual degradation by filtered subsoil waters. Such retaining design does building process faster and more reliably, especially if works are conducted in marshland, near to open reservoirs.

For what are necessary interlocking works

The locking protection represents the water-proof solid wall consisting of reliably fastened piles, shipped on certain depth. The similar design is applied for:

  • Protection of a ground against destruction, protection of foundation ditches;
  • Workings out anti-landslide systems;
  • Strengthenings of hydraulic engineering constructions (HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, pump stations, water canals), support of bridges;
  • Creations of the strong base to residential buildings etc.


Depending on a kind of made works, character of a soil surface and nature protection requirements, шпунтовое the protection is made of following materials:

  • Wooden piles is the most budgetary, but at the same time an unreliable variant. The wood poorly interferes with moisture penetration, it is a porous, easily becoming impregnated material. During short time construction from a tree starts to decay and collapse, therefore is erected only for shoddy constructions.
  • Ferroconcrete grooves is a strong water-proof basis. Their long service will be explained to that these piles grow together with the general base of a building and reliably strengthen a design. However experts do not recommend to use this kind of strengthenings if there is a strong pressure of weight of subsoil waters. Sustain such loading metal can only, concrete will crack.
  • Steel retaining designs are known for the universality, are used in building any kinds.

Safety on building is above all, therefore the technology of the device шпунтовых protections provides obligatory observance of depth of immersing (driving in) piles. It will allow to prevent casual flooding of the working area, will provide reliability of a design for all period of service. Work with concrete also demands careful check: any cracks become subsequently a source of rupture of a basic wall that can result all constructions in technical unfitness.

The technology provides an accurate vertical direction at immersing шпунта in a firm ground. These are firm soils with high possibility of deformation of the equipment more often: wide layers of sand (more than two metres), the frozen ground, extraneous large inclusions.

Technology pluses, despite its dearness, set: dynamic loading on nearby structures and the next piles decreases, the noise level is reduced to a minimum.

Company «Perfect Pluss» performs works of any complexity, providing high quality interlocking constructions. Thanks to modern technologies building is possible in any geological conditions, near to residential buildings without dangerous concussion of a ground. With the reliable partner building of any object becomes easy and safe.


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