Industrial floors, topping

Industrial floors, topping


Increased requirements are made to floors in industrial and industrial premises. The reason: floors in factory shops are exposed to considerable loading, intensive influences as simple industrial character, large loadings at the expense of transport and machine tools, and chemical, temperature. If it is a question of specialised manufactures.

In total various kinds of floor coverings:

  • poured floor (seamless, moisture resistant),
  • painting floor, with a thin protective layer,
  • high filling floor - from a sand and pitch mix,
  • dedusting (the best protection against a dust, and also helps from chemical attacks and temperature influences),
  • asphalting (asphalt as protection from strong loading also is good) are allocated.

Magnesia floors - the most beautiful type of a covering, besides not giving cracks. Created on the basis of a natural mineral, well copes with functions. fibrous concrete – a mix from a number of materials.

Concrete floor — the best variant of a floor in workrooms, processed and strengthened by modern techniques. Not casually concrete is found practically in all floors in industrial buildings, a question only in how it to process in addition and to cover, if durability of the concrete is not enough and it is assumed strong influences.

It is considered one of the most popular and expedient ways of a covering of a concrete floor topping on technology Tremix with which help the floor is strengthened and becomes stronger, and gets unusual protective properties.

The main advantage of topping concrete floors is what it fits practically with any concrete floor.


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