Metal constructions of supports for power transmission lines

Metal constructions of supports for power transmission lines



High-voltage power lines

At designing of PTL 60-70 % of all materials and amount of works on manufacturing and installation it is necessary on metal constructions or PTL supports which should correspond to following requirements:

  • To have durability and rigidity, sufficient for wires keeping;
  • To provide safety, excepting danger for people by an electric current;
  • To resist to wind loadings;
  • To possess high anticorrosive properties;
  • With firmness to maintain differences of temperatures;
  • For a long time to carry out the functions in the conditions of a permafrost, bogs, reservoirs etc.

Long-term practice of operation has shown, that PTL supports well have recommended themselves, being for today the optimum decision at installation and operation PTL.


Designing and installation PTL is very responsible work. The special attention is given to manufacture of metal structures for which the high-quality steel of marks С345 and 09Г2С is used only. Our company throughout many years is engaged in manufacturing of any metal constructions, but one of directions is manufacturing of metal structures for high-voltage power lines. The highly professional collective and the modern equipment allow us to make all kinds metal constructions and accessories for PTL supports.

Metal support of the high-voltage lines have won for a long time popularity. Manufacturing and installation of metal constructions take root everywhere because of a number of their advantages:

  • the unique spatial structure has small windage;
  • PTL supports are compatible with hot industrial zinc plating;
  • pinned connections give the big economy by transportation products;
  • welded metal constructions are quickly mounted.

In Northern regions the installation of welded support is made by helicopters.

Besides hot zinc plating, protection of metal support against corrosion is reached with a zinc composite special covering. Supports are established on the monolithic base developed by the Engineer Designer.


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