Reinforced structures

Reinforced structures


The reinforced structures is evolution of technologies

Modern building constantly there are new materials, innovative technologies take root into manufacture. The increasing popularity in the building market is won by the reinforced skeletons which advantages are obvious. LLC «Perfect Pluss» is engaged in their manufacturing and realization across all Russia, bringing the feasible contribution to development of progress of building technologies.


All know that if in the concrete base to put in reinforced grid or a cage, its durability raises several times. However the given technology can be applied not only concerning the bases, but also in walls building, constructions of a difficult configuration, the dome arches, towers and other.

Manufacturing of reinforced structures occurs on special technology. As a basis for them, depending on purpose of the future design, are utilized wire Вр-1, rolling wire.


Thanks to uniqueness of a design, the reinforced structures as the design technological decision, have found application in many building spheres. And first of all, thanks to reduction of weight of a structure at increase in its durability. It has allowed to lower requirements to the bases under such constructions. Buildings with use of the reinforced structures perfectly resist to wind and snow loadings, they represent special value in seismological danger areas. Such structures:

  • Have long term of operation;
  • Well work on a bend, compression-stretching;
  • With firmness resist to shock loadings;
  • Absence of deflections and cracks.

The reinforced structure in a wall substantially increases bearing ability of all design, therefore and is applied in modern building widely enough. With use of the mentioned technology do:

  • Interfloor overlappings;
  • Concrete binders of mines;
  • borders, sidewalk plates;
  • Well rings.

Reinforced structures have perfectly proved to be in structures and constructions of a various orientation: administration buildings, apartment houses, shopping centers, offices, pavilions, shops, hangars, warehouses, stadiums, sports complexes, pools.

Our company «Perfect Pluss» is always high quality and operative terms Our team works for a long time in the market of building services. Manufacturing of reinforced structures – is one of directions of activity of firm. Manufacture is put for a long time on a stream, debugged, has constant loading in great volumes. Our production is claimed across all Russia. The company values the reputation, therefore we respond to each demand.

We can do not only typical blocks or overlapping plates. With our help unique buildings under exclusive projects are constructed also. The long-term operational experience, strong partner communications allow to hold the prices at competitive level on all ruler of our production. If you interest the metal constructions and the concrete products with the reinforced structures of all types, LLC «Perfect Pluss» will make them with high quality and in the shortest terms. All production is certificated. It means that having addressed to us, you automatically become the owner of durable, reliable, functional production under reasonable prices.

In case of occurrence of any questions or necessity for the additional information concerning our products and services, you can always call us. Experts of the company with readiness will answer any questions and will more in detail tell about advantages of cooperation with us.

Let's be glad to see you among our constant clients.


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