Trusting our professionals, the customer does not need to co-ordinate more than anything in one supervising organization. Our regular designers will embody on a paper in the form of drawings and exact calculations all that the customer will wish. For many years of work experts of the company have adjusted deliveries of qualitative building and consumable materials that directly influences dates of performance repair and civil work. On balance of the company "Perfect Pluss" there is all necessary modern equipment and mechanisms without which it is impossible to make qualitative repair or to edify building of different function. And about building of bridge constructions and to speak it is not necessary - from designing before delivery - exact calculation and strict observance of all standards and regulations. Use of the modern equipment gives the chance engineering - to technicians accurately to plan the activity and always to observe the confirmed schedule repair and civil work.


The modern equipment and the technology, it is fine, however the basic property which does our company competitive, capable in the market of building and repair of objects civil and an industrial function, are engineering - technical employees.

In our team those who wishes to work in the company but only those experts who has adequately passed a probation period and the work has won the right to work in LLC "Perfect Pluss".

The modern equipment demands the professional relation to it during work. And absence of human or professional qualities of the employee can result not only in mechanism failure, but also, as consequence, bad quality of the executed works, failure of terms of delivery of object.

The management of company "Perfect Pluss" knows a vital axiom that "any problem to prevent easier, than to eliminate its consequences". Therefore, personnel department officers of company "Perfect Pluss" select employees in team carefully, carry out personnel training before introduction of the newest profile technologies.


  • All necessary base to embody desires of the customer, at company "Perfect Pluss" is present;
  • Professional engineering - the technicians work on the modern national and foreign equipment;
  • Qualitative building and account materials are used;
  • Any works are carried out only on the basis of the newest technologies;
  • Strict observance of all norms, regulations, standards;
  • Strict observance of the signed schedule of performance of works;

Conclusion: Successful activity of company "Perfect Pluss", from Creation of the Project to its Date of Substantial Completion to the customer.


  • Phone +7 (8172) 503-272; +7(8172) 504272
  • E-mail: info@perfect35.ru;
  • To order a return call.

Exact Calculations and strict adherence to all standards and regulations.

Use of the Modern Equipment gives the possibility to plan the activity and always to observe the confirmed schedule of construction and repair work.


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